SCAME PARRE S.p.A. A history of innovation with solid roots SCAME PARRE S.p.A., head of the SCAME group, is a manufacturer of components and systems for electrical installations in the civil, services and industrial sector, born and raised in the mountains of the upper Val Seriana, in the Province of Bergamo, Northern Italy. Since 1963, the year of its foundation, in more than half a century of activity, SCAME has never betrayed the spirit of the origins made of attention to the environment and the person, as well as continuous research to provide an innovation that is never an end in itself, but which translates into total quality and real benefits for the user. Scame, Italian excellence since 1963.

ISOLATOR - Fire Rated enclosed switch-disconnectors F400
ISOLATOR - Die cast aluminum enclosure
ISOLATORS - Thermoplastic Enclosure
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Product Description


Enclosed switch-disconnectors

ISOLATORS is a complete range of switch-disconnectors from 16 up to 1600A, from 1 to 8 poles. The 3P+N configurations have the anticipated Neutral to protect against possible overvoltages due to the absence of the neutral phase on the power supply. The knobs to operate the switches are available in black color for general applications, which can be padlocked in ON and OFF position, or red colored knob with yellow plate for emergency situation, which can only be padlocked in OFF position. The enclosures have a large internal space to facilitate wiring operations and are available in the following materials: - Robust and UV-resistant thermoplastic material - Thermoplastic material with increased mechanical resistance for heavy applications (HD versions) - Die-cast aluminum able to guarantee maximum impact resistance - Stainless steel AISI 304 particularly suitable for application in the food and processing industry. - Metal for high amperage versions ISOLATORS-FR is the range of FIRE RATED F400 switch-disconnectors able to resit at a temperature of 400 ° C for a period of 120 minutes ensuring the operation of the smoke extraction systems as required by the EN 12101-3 Standard (2002).

Brand Certificates

  • IQNet Certification
  • CSQ H and S Certification
  • CSQ Eco Certification
  • CSQ Certification
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